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These images were shot in and around San Jose, Costa Rica, in August of 2012. They show a variety of scenes depicting daily life, as well as the architecture and several of the monuments. Most important, I tried to show the 'Vita Pura' that is the essence of the country, and the spirit of the people, who are by nature, gentle and loving. You can see it in the way they treat their children and the elderly. The loving spirit of the Ticos (as they are commonly refered to) is evident in their faces. Love abounds in Costa Rica, and despite all the negative rap about San Jose, I found it to be a delightful city, with many interesting and fascinating layers. I was not fearful in any way, at any time, and I was traveling alone - a single woman carrying lots of camera gear. People were kind, and helpful everywhere I went, including the areas others warned me about.  .Watch out in San Jose? Hogwash.  (Photos by Sally Rice ©2012)