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The Amargosa Hotel and Opera House is located at the Death Valley Junction, seven miles from the border of Nevada, and smack in the middle of Nowhere.  The location was immortalized when Marta Becket, a true Renaissance woman, arrived here with her husband while traveling through California from New York. A dancer, composer, painter, and all around muse, Marta fell in love with the place, and made an impulsive decision to relocate to this desolate ghost town.  She and her partner restored the opera house, and Marta painted the interior as if it were her own Sistine Chapel. Marta held performances here regularly, until February 2012. I had the chance to interview her, and she told wonderful stories about her life in New York, and here in the desert. The hotel Amargosa is haunted too, and when I went inside, I heard and felt many ghosts.  The little boy in the photos is the son of the hotel manager. He is very sweet.(Photo by Sally Rice ©2012)